Screen burn-in?

Good morning, evening, afternoon all!

I just found out that IF is burned into my screen. When looking at a grey/blueish screen, you can clearly see the map, world icon, headphone and yeah, just everything.
After doing some research (I’m not an expert about this at all) I found out that Apple is using pretty cheap OLED screens. The issue is known at Apple but no action has or will be taken as far as I know. Even better, the company who makes the screens will also produce the screens for the iPhone 14, Woohoo!

Just to warn other iPhone users that use their device for IF.

Apple iPhone 13 PM
Still on IOS 15.1.1

Will return the phone as I’m currently on vacation.

Have a great day and be careful with your screen!


(Posted this in ‘General’ as I’m sending out a warning to other Apple users. I’m NOT asking/looking for support but feel free to change the category if needed)


uh no offense but maybe its time to take a break considering you BURNT IT INTO THE SCREEN


I’ve never got or seen this ever


All OLED screens are like this regardless of quality. Having your OLED screen in direct sunlight for extended periods of time or having your device overheat for extended periods of time will most likely burn your page into the screen. You can avoid it by using a screen protector that blocks infrared radiation or do not overuse your device and keep it cool.


Abosuletly no offence at all! I fly quite a lot but the fact that this device costed around 14/1500 euros and you get such a bad quality screen is classic Apple… Sad but true. No more flying for me I guess

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Yeah, my iPhone X has a burn in from a social media app. It happens I guess.

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You could honestly fly for ages and ages without a screen burnt in like so. It’s how you take precautions to avoid it from happening. Callaa has some great recommendations that’d help, screen protectors very well help this issue. Turning down your brightness during the cruise phase is also something that helps refrain from future occurrences.


You should have played on Samsung’s smart fridge in the first place. It has the #1 cooling system built in


Using that kind of protector already. I’m also keeping it safe for sunlight and overheating which makes this problem weird. I’ve taken many pre-cautions to avoid this issue but it still happened. Fun fact: I haven’t flown for 3 days now and I just found out about the problem. And I check my device every single day for bugs and all other problems as I’m pretty careful with it. Even my old iPhone X hasn’t had this issue and I have way more hours on that device


Smart Fridge? :D

Oh lol you troll! :'D Nice one!

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I’d suggest leaving the device off for an extended period of time as that’s the common fix for screen-burns. Otherwise, a quick google search can lead to a lot of different fixes for this issue. Sure hope you don’t have to pay an organ to fix the screen, after all, it’s Apple. 😂


Glad my iPhone SE 2020 is LCD, it has no screen protector and heats up so quickly when playing IF 🥴

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Will try that! Thanks for the help! And no, luckily I have a warranty on it. No organs need to be removed :D

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Great to hear, warranty with Apple devices is a lifesaver lol


Now i know why people die from fridges falling on them. They are trying to play IF and tilt the screen.


Keep the temps under control, the SE heats up quickly. A friend of mine had the same heat issue

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It’s a MUST! haha

My family has a giant freezer in the garage, if I take everything out of it I can easily climb into it and play IF in that

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But how are you going to charge your device?

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