Screen-burn in

Hello guys,
Has anyone experience some screen burn in on their phones after playing Infinite Flight for a long period of time?

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If you’re leaving IF running for a long time on aitopilot, set it to scenic cam. That way the view changes, and you can avoid screen burn in.


What device are you using? If on Android, use the below app to help fix the issue.


Oh ok, I will do that.

To prevent this during long flights, put your view on ‘Scenic’, as well as lowering the brightness. This keeps the pixels changing prevent screen burn, and the battery of your device from going bad. Thanks for contacting support!

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lowering the brightness makes no difference cuz they are all lit the same way and the pixels just hide the necessary light that needs to be hidden.

Lowering the brightness will make a difference to the length of the battery life though.

yes it will
but it won’t help with screen burn in


Check this topic. Dev response included

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I’m aware it won’t help screen burn in, but if you’re leaving your device unattended for a flight which is long enough to cause potential screen burn in issues, then the battery will also be a likely source of potential problems.

no I’m saying that lowering the brightness will help with your battery while putting it on scenic keeps the pixels changing to prevent screen burn

Links provided above ;)

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