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Hi! I have been playing infinite flight for 2 months now (GLOBAL) and this happened twice to me. During flight, the game suddenly becomes black and the only thing you can see is the HUD. The plane, lights and the other things will be all black. Can anybody tell me why this is happening like is it a bug and how to solve this issue… There is video…

Device: iPad air 3

Link to video:


What device and operating system do you utilise for Infinite Flight?

Does this happen every single flight?
Does it happen as soon as you spawn in?

I am using an iPad air 3. I forgot to add it… (I will add it ). No, over the 2 months of playing, it happened only twice. But after a 10 hour long haul flight, the game screen will go all black (except the HUD) so all the flight time goes to waste.

So none of the camera views work at all except for the HUD?
Edit: Just saw your replay. So it’s only happened twice over 2 months of playing Infinite Flight?

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Yes… but all the flying hours go to waste.

You’re saying that they don’t count if you end the flight prematurely, right? Or are they still there in your profile after the flight.
Can you confirm what iOS version you’re running on your device?

iOS 13.4.1

The flight hour does not come in. Even though i dont really need it but its good if i get it.

Does this happen on long haul flights only? Or is there anything in common between the flights where this has happened?

No, both the flight has no similarity. Both and Medium - Long Haul

Have you tried reinstalling the sim?

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Do you have many apps running in the background?

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