screen blacked out

just looked down at my screen after a long haul flight having been checking every 15mins

screen is black on every view even though I can still see the map and instruments etc

25 mins to landing

any ideas for a quick fix

Do you mean everything is black?
The sky, aircraft and so on?


Yeh this is caused by some graphic break down. Continue the discussion here

If You have a way to reproduce please tell us!

Have a nice day!

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yes the sky and plane is black and can see the cockpit etc but can still see the green instruments!!!

If you want to see some instruments you have to adjust the graphics settings and you may see some things turn white and static.

Try changing graphic settings, especially rendering quality.

If you’re flying @ night. Change time to day, just to verify it’s something else than the black terrain issue.

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I can also still see the little squares where another aircraft is!

ok I will try that I can already see the instrument but nothing else

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yep I was flying at night but no change when put to day

Yeh unfortunately the only way to fix it is to restart the device. If you ever manage to successfully reproduce this then make sure you make it known.

ah sorted temporarily guys thanks a lot but someone may want to report to the developers

I changed my rendering quality and all was sorted (-:

also if I change back to medium now it goes black again!!!

Probably a variant of the black terrain issue, it’s known already.