Screen blacked out

So I was doing a 15 hour flight (OMDB-KLAX) and I was about to be on approach and my screen went just black where I couldn’t see any scenery but I could see the controls my HUD screen here are some pictures. I’m frustrated because I’ve always wanted to do this route and I come so close to actually completing the flight and something happens. So please help meimageimage

What is your device? OS?

iPad mini 2. I was able to do a 12 and 13 hour flights so I don’t think it’s the device

Did you restart the device before every flight?

This happened to me as well, clearing the RAM worked for me.

It would be best to uninstall and reinstall IF. It would be best to clear RAM too

Yes I always have that’s how I complete all other long flights

They certainly can, to do so

Hold the power button till the power off button appears and press the home button simultaneously. After this the home screen should appear which means you have successfully cleared your RAM.

RAM and Memory are separate.

I have done that before every single flight.

Solution to a topic similar to this

Always keep 5-10 GB free. My recommendations:
Back-up your device

Clear/Clean-Up your Photos (Keep some memory free)
I also do a soft reset/restart daily after closing all open apps ;)

If freeing up memory doesn’t work then try this:

  • Restore the iPad to factory settings
  • Update to the latest OS again
  • Re-install IF and its respective contents (Regions and Aircraft)

I’m pretty sure you ran outta RAM storage so the texture and stuff couldn’t load

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