Scrapped engine sound in IF

so I found something Interesting, when the engine sound update was first being made (the update with our current engine sound) If uploaded this video as a preview

However, today’s engine sound (the actual final version) sounds nothing like this Why didn’t this sound make it?
sure the idling sound could have used some work but when spooling up the engines and during takeoff it sounded incredibly realistic.


I like the preview one better than the sound now just saying.🤷‍♂️😉


I agree, which is pretty much why I made this post :) However the idling for this one doesn’t seem very fitting they could of maybe worked on the idling or used the current idling and then kept everything else

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Yeah hopefully this can be readded in the future for at least some aircraft.

if they change the current engine sound it will probably effect all aircraft that use the turbofan, because it is the exact same sound so those airplanes all probably use the same sound file, meaning changing that file will probably change the sound of all turbofan aircraft.

(or idk, I don’t know how FDS did it, that is how I assume they did it though)

I hope they could just change the current sound pitch for each plane

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Well each aircraft in the game have their own sound files if I’m not mistaken. This means that they can each be individually changed.

I am not the exact “expert” on this so please correct me if I’m wrong. :)

either way, I think if they keep the current plane interior sounds and maybe work on the idling/ low power sound then leave the rest of the videos sounds as the engine sound, I would probably be completely satisfied with the sounds in IF


Yeah. It’s just the only problem with it is that it costs a lot of money to make those sounds.

see, I know that, but the thing is, they made them before right? the question in my case is, why didn’t they keep it? and also if they already made it before it should be easier to put in then brand new sounds.

Idk, we’ll just have to see

Oh the old IF the nostalgia I remember that sound from when I purchased my first plane in the sim the 767

Well maybe the devs weren’t satisfied enough with it. Although I don’t know for sure because I am not a dev. Also it’s hard to hear the interior sounds a bit. What I would do is just replace the outside sound with the older one. They have this older engine sound on some of the fighters I think.

This sound was never implemented.

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I hope they do a complete engine sound rework because it really isn’t all that great… I mean I’m sure they are working up something! This is definitely something that will be addressed by the FDS devs in the future! I’m almost certain it will because it is such a vital part to the realism of Infinite Flight.

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Lmao this sound was never in the sim 😂

Welp looks like I got played. Would rather still see this tho.

Even though this sound never was implemented, it still sounds better than the current one as the engine sound we currently have doesn’t sound powerful enough like a real aircraft engine. Would love to see a rework in the future but it would certainly be awhile.

i could’ve sworn there is another sound before this one we have i may be confusing it with another song but wasn’t there another engine sound? correct me if im wrong but maybe this was in 2014 there was another engine sound different from the one we have today


There was but it’s not the one in the video

oh lol i look like an idiot now but i wonder why this was not implemented lol