Scrap the edit limit as a whole

I propose that the edit limit which is in place to be scrapped and set to infinite.

If you dont know what it is, its basically a limitation on how many times you can edit Your own posts/threads a day.
I see it as something which is pointless as by editing your own post/thread does no harm as it will show what edits have been made.

It was said before before thats its a discourse limitation however i have found that it can easily be changed in the site settings config as shown here:

By increasing the edit limit or getting rid of it, this will help users who create threads such as events or threads which have lists.
And will make peoples lives easier.


Yes! I agree with this! However, an endless amount of edits means an edit number of checks…

I have some old feature requests I’d love to edit but cannot. I support this but it would be interested to hear the reasoning behind why the limit is in place in the first place.


Ah, the limit you are referring to is the edit time limit, which can also be changed.


Oh, thought you were referring to that. I agree with both then, unlimited time limit and per day limit.

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Was going to edit this thread to reflect on that issue too but realized i cant.

Yes the time limit would also be an amazing switch. With VAs threads and their events, to ATC tracking threads, etc etc, it would be super useful!!

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What do you mean?

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Like for each edit, for example in an event, you will need to double-check if everyone’s names/info is correctly written down. But if there is an infinite number of edits, that means that there is going to be more checking needed, if you know what I mean.

Because i cannot edit this thread for obvious reasons i will just say it here:

The edit time limit should also be increased to like 999 years instead of a couple months which its currently set as.

It can also be edited here:

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I dont mind it personally. As someone who doesntly regularly need to edit topics often I dont see a downside to Editing Limits. While it can be annoying for people who make topics in regards to like Instagram, YouTube Accounts etc etc.

This is your own personally editing limit, other regulars are able to edit said post after the fact. So yes, can be annoying, but not the end of the world.


Yeah, that would make sense.

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Well i can counter that by saying once there is a mistake with someones name or if someone for example has just said theyre not able to turn up, then you wont be able to edit it.

Never mind, it’s hard explaining it. Just scrap what I said :)

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This is only if it is set up as a wiki. If it is not then there is nothing that can be done.

Well sometimes, if a non regular were to make a post like a community Instagram account the OP or someone can request that it be made a wiki.

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I see your point. But removing it as a whole will cause no harm and will effect no one.


Agreed. This would be super helpful for community events. And unlimit the amount of likes, because when I’m messaging and liking to show it is read, we like it.

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Except that the forum is supposed to be fluid and we don’t want to have single topics being edited to eternity.


Can it be changed for specific categories, like #features for example?