Scramble and Intercept!

Orders from the top:
“Two airliners have become unresponsive during climb. Intercept and establish communications with the pilots”

Server Expert
Route VFR
Airframe F-14 Tomcat (Tanks/Armaments)

Vr and Positive Rate

Full Afterburners to intercept

Visual contact made and comms established with D4V1

Visual contact and comms established with M-AGIC

Mission complete, RTB for Debrief

Sunset silhouette while escorting // Employing new tactics


Hi there!
I love the photos!

however the #screenshots-and-videos category says that you need to have all huds and boxes hidden, and no more than 10 screen shots per topic

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Awesome shots and formations! 😃

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Thanks for catching that! It’s pretty late for me at the time Of upload 😅

Thank you! It took a few passes to get right

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Creative post! Nice job on this! ;)

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Hey @Raze nice photos, it seems as though this is your second post in this category today and that isn’t allowed according to these guidelines

Your topics today:

how do you even keep tracks of the topics he made???
impossible @CPT_Colorado

Nice pictures! You can set up you settings on high when you do your screenshots:)

Thats @AdamCallow callsign! Gaga

Not bad pictures :)

you are correct, good sir!

Thank you! Im glad everyone enjoys viewing these as I do making them!

The best photos I have seen to date on IFC

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Wow. Somebody actually knows how to replicate real world intercepting procedures. I do this all the time.

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