Scouters Needed

If there is or are some IFATC scouters like Steven and Emil haha who would be willing at some point it help me continue my work in becoming an IFATC just pm me! If there are none just know when you see a controller in KDEN it’s most likely me!

-508 Back!

Who is your Recruiter if you have one ?

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I don’t. Steven and Emil have been helping me. They do patterns etc. for the moment I’d just like a simple evaluation of if I’m even material cut for this job

You can always make a topic on the forum asking for practice, and is IFATC will always try to stop by. I’m not a scouter, but remember to only contact one.

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Yeah they sort of both jumped in to help lol

Let me know next time you’re online :)

Hello :-)

In this topic you will find all the official scouters, hope I could help ;-)

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Wilco :) I shall

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