Scottsdale Airport To Close For 45 Days (KSDL/SCF)

Scottsdale airport which is a big private jet / GA airport closed today for about 45 days to completely redo its single runway, which is the original runway from when it opened in 1967

Work starts today (July 6) and is expected to last until mid September.

All airport operations have been put on hold except for helicopters which are allowed to use the apron area.

The runway hasn’t gone under rehabilitation since it was constructed in 1967. Also since it was extended to its current length of 8,249ft in 1982 and widened to 100ft in 2000.

“It’s essential for the airport to provide a well maintained, safe and secure infrastructure to accommodate our aircraft operators,” Gary P. Mascaro, Scottsdale Airport aviation director, said in the release.

“We want to retain our competitive advantages as an essential hub for general aviation and corporate activity.” Also from Gary P. Mascaro

The FAA gave SDL 11 million dollars USD and the city is covering the rest of the 1 million dollars. A 12 million dollar project.

In my opinion this is quite a ambitious project considering Scottsdale is one of the nations busiest single runway airports. But it is needed because the runway was getting old.

It also displaces hundreds of private jets. A lot of them will have to use the various other airports around the valley. Including: PHX, DVT, GYR, AZA, CHD and Glendale Municipal.

(Link to the source: Scottsdale Airport to close for about 45 days to rehabilitate its runway -


Interesting news for sure! There was a similar runway reworking Stuttgart, Germany last year, where they used the lack of traffic due to COVID for faster construction and suspended all operations for about a month, but doing this on a highly active airport definitely is a logistical challenge. Thanks for the information, very interesting!

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