Scotland Milk Run TBM930

I always love to plan my flights behind a mission, often inspired by real events or situations.

This flight’s happening in Scotland!

Routing: ABZ-LSI-SCS
Server: Training
A/C Type: TBM-930

Load: 1 pilot; 2 pax bound to LSI; 450kg equipment for SCS

map (1)

Today’s milk run takes us from Aberdeen to the beautiful Shetland Islands where we’re flying two engineers and equipment for the Sullom Voe Oil & Gas Terminal. Scotland is incredibly beautiful and also renowned for its oil industry. Aberdeen is an incredibly interesting airport with extensive helicopter operations acting as the main link between land and offshore oil platforms.

Loading cargo and PAX into the TBM.

Takeoff from ABZ - small runway in the background is used by helicopters.

Meeting 50kt winds.

Landing into Sumburgh to drop off the two engineers.

Peaceful takeoff on our second leg, continuing visual into SCS.

Preparing to land at SCS to deliver 450kg of equipment for the Sullom Voe Oil & Gas Terminal, also visible on the right!


Alaska Air is probably mad.

Nice photos.

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I’m a simple lad, when I see Scotland I click.

Awesome shots my man! I got to fly up to the islands again in IF at some point.

Thanks for sharing!

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Cheers and have a great flight!

Managed to edit two more pictures from the same flight. I think they really show the beauty of the TBM model.

I love how there is a story behind this, thanks for posting!

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