Scotland, Ireland, and Three Lakes

Hello IFC,
Today’s flight brings us from EGPH / Edinburgh to EINN / Shannon on behalf of @AerLingusVA. Hope you enjoy!

Some info :

Server : expert
Aircraft: Aer Lingus A320
Route : EGPH-EINN.

Now for the photos!

Rotating out of Edinburgh.

The stunning Scottish Highlands.

As we fly over Lough Neagh, Ireland’s largest lake, Belfast city is visible in the distance.

Flying over myself and @Declan_Mcgee’s region of Ireland, the Midlands.

The rolling hills of Clare on descent to Shannon’s runway 24.

A slight crab on a flare to a smooth landing into EINN.
Thanks for viewing these, hope you enjoyed!


great, I really like the last one.

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Thanks Vince!

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Great shots Hugh! Looked like it was going to be an early touchdown…

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I love the last one, well done!

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Thanks @Sashaz55!

Thanks Rian, yeah, it looked like that, ended up being a bit floaty so it was perfect.

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I love flying over Scotland! (not just because I am Scottish)

Very nice pictures :)

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Thanks Luke, it’s a beautiful country.

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I loveee this, nice shots!

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Thanks Louis!