Scoot Boeing B777-200ER

Would really like to see this come with the 77W rework!
Scoot B777-200ER:

Not my photo.


Yes! I love this.


Im with you, liked the Livery, nice yellow design and hope coming soon next update.


Let’s get outta here! 😂

Liking all local feature requests :D


Scoot are already phasing out with their 772s not 77W as they don’t have any. Maybe the new 787-8/9 with scoot livery?

I knew someone will say this but from a Singaporean ah limpeh a bit sad sia hahaha 787 also got… so far someone requested SCO 788 only tho

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Although I like the 777 more but it’s sad to see them go in to storage.

SCO 772 already sent to scrappy somewhere in Alaska but I thought why not we retain the history through Infinite Flight?


Now that the ANZ B77W has been confirmed, I look forward to this coming as well!

Get outta here

Scoot’s motto

Ya ya ya so many bumpity bumps but this is my top priority for the 777, not even SIA B772 is my priority lol

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I’m still waiting… I’m so darn anxious if this will be added 😖😖

I wonder if it will be Maju-lah or Bo-eng sia lol

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Would miss these Yellow B772s :(

Don’t you already miss them? :P They’re already gone :(

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Really?! They phased out Them faster than I thought :(

I remember everyone was tracking that flight to somewhere in Alaska

Then Scoot has no more 777s

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I did some browsing and apparently 9V-OTF is now with Nokscoot as HS-XBB ö

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I thought Thai DCA rule prohibits the import of aircraft older than 14 years.

Ya it is but who cares lel

What are the names they have for the 772s ah?
Still got which