Scoot Boeing 787-9

Would love to see this livery in Infinite Flight
Picture isn’t mine, Credits to Turing Chen
Share your opinions and thoughts about the livery

  • Yes, I would like to see this livery
  • Nah, I don’t like it

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YES please add this with the B787 rework when it comes. Im desperately waiting for scoot to come to IF. :X


That yellow is slightly orangey. I like that kind of a yellow.


I think I’ve changed my mind about Scoot livery, This is one of the best livery I’ve ever seen! (Especially the shooting angle duh) Can’t wait to see this too on B787 Reworked :D

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It’s good but it can’t beat the Air India livery 😊

You should probably remove your photo as the mods have said that if you want to share a photo on the same thread, type a link to it rather than upload it as a whole image

If i see this yellow white livery, thinking about ice cream yamm, liked to see Scoot livery.


For Air India aircraft request, You can continue it here ;)

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Done thanks for the advice :)

That Ice cream looks yummy duh :p

Oh yes, not to be confused with It’s -8 livery which already been requested before

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I don’t care about livery macam aiskreme or what sia I just want to see the unique names 😂

Btw Bo-eng is the best name for this aircraft! Bo-eng = Boeing xD

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Nice pretty excellent just put color to life

It will be nice fly this livery in the SIN/KUL region!

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It would be nicer both globally

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Yap and also the future Global Flight tho

@liad747 Ikr, The colour is just beautiful omg


Fingers crossed for this magnificent livery


Keep this to PM; only you and him needs to know about it :)

Without a doubt :D

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Okay, I won’t use poll anymore again :)
Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try my best on the future requests!