Scoot Boeing 777-200ER


Would love to fly this in IF one day, the previous one got closed so I decided to make a new one.

Scoot Boeing 777-200ER

Looks good


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This would be a really cool addition to the game!!


That’s odd, I thought scoot only operated 787’s


I think these have been retired already.


They had their 777s before they got their 787 orders which got delayed their 777s belongs to Singapore airlines


God damnit this is Beautiful! Deserves infinite likes


The 777s were leased from Singapore Airlines to help Scoot to expand before 787’s arrivals. But now those 772s have been scrapped/stored. However, NokScoot also operates B777s (Leased from SIA, Though they are younger than their “sisters” in Scoot due to Thai’s aviation regulation) and still in service now.

IFSIAVA - Infinite Flight Singapore Airlines Virtual Airlines

oh ok, thanks!


I thought scoot only made 787s lol.


One of my favourite liveries! Would certainly be happy to see it.


wawwwow that its a great livery


This is an amazing livery, I like the yellow on the 777.


Me too I totally agree!


Nice livery!


One of the rather neglected liveries
Although retired, I still hope to see this in IF along with the Singapore Airlines B772 :)


They don’t make 787s… they operate them.


Well yeah that’s what I meant I thought Scoot only consisted of and operated the Boeing 787.

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