Scoot Airlines

So I watched this video a few hours ago:
and I started to feel curious, as people have a vastly varied opinion on Scoot. I wanted to reach out to you guys, to see your opinion, and come to a consensus.
Many thanks guys!
What is your opinion on Scoot Airlines?

  • Pretty good/amazing
  • Bad/horrible
  • Other (please elaborate below)
  • Have no clue

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As a budget airline, you can’t expect much from Scoot. It’s a Good budget airline to get you from A to B. If your flying from or to Singapore, I recommend Silkair, but their agin, If scoot is more in your budget I recommend that you go for it.

But I mean, Scoot charge ridiculous prices for food (at least 4 times worse than the worst European low cost carrier), and prohibit you from taking any of your own food on-board, but it all depends on budget who you fly. But you have to agree, that you would expect more from a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines.

I’ve flown on Scoot’s A320 and I can assure you its great for short hops.

But we are planning to do a longhaul soon on their 787

Tbh i wouldn’t mind flying on economy for a long haul flight. Im fine with it because I just love flying.

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But the major concern is their product, I love flying as much as any person here on the IFC, but if the product is horrible, then it just ruins it.

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If the product is horrible, then yes people will not like it. I guess I take what I said back lol

If the flight time is short and it’s cheaper than commercial airlines, then Scoot is the way to go.

You know Scoot was bought by Tigerair?

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