Scoot Airlines Boeing 787-8

# B787-8 Scoot Airlines

Scoot airlines is a huge user of the 787-8. In my mind this livery should be added, to the upcoming 787.



  • B787-8

  • Hub: Singapore Changi Intl.

  • Common flight routes: South- East Asia and West. Australia.

  • This looks fantastic
  • If you had some sense you wouldn’t request this livery

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Maybe you should wait for the first images of the reworked 787.

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It’s better to suggest now than wait. I love the livery, even if I don’t know why and I think too much is going on in it


Most liveries that people wanted in the last update didn’t get there because they requested to late.

(When the snapshots came)


Is the 788 the one being reworked? Or is it a different version?

Well, the one we have currently in the game is the 787-9. The developers said the 787 was going to be reworked, so I’m guessing the 787-9 will be reworked and the -8 will be added.

Iit’s not likely being reworked, but started all over again.


Two new aircrafts on a same update? I bet it’ll be only the 789.

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Didn’t they release the A318 and A319 at the same time? It’s possible. :)


But the A320 was released first. Will never know…

The A318 and A319 came at the same time tho ;) as @Henrik_B said


i don’t like it but i would like that they add all operators :p

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Remember to credit the picture owner

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Carson said it wasn´t necessary to do it.

oh really. Didnt know soz

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I personally love this livery.

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I like yellow so I like this livery.

I like Scoot livery! Especially those yellow lines :D

I just about to post a topic About this :p

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It will look fantastic with the new wingflex. The textures will be the best so why not put Scoot to there?


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