Scoot Airbus A320-200


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Since the merger of Tigerair and Scoot on 25th July, Tigerair’s fleet has been put under the branding of Scoot.
Contrary to my original perspective, the Scoot livery on the A320 turned out to be “not too bad”.

Hopefully this really unique livery gets added :)

Tigerair A320
Scoot Boeing 777-200ER

I was just about to post this, I found it on Flightradar (it’s flying in to my local airport today) and got weirded out.


Try and get a pic maybe? 😏

It looks really nice 👍 tho


looks amazing for some reason i love this livery so much i want to fly scoot plane right now

oh no they dont fly to New Zealand ):
im changing my plans lol


I wish I have more votes left for this Scootie. I will miss the old Tigerair livery, though 😢

I’m definitely looking forward for this Scoot on Soekarno Hatta 😉

Credits to me for the idea jk 😂

Here is the video of the painting progress for those who are curious


I’ll miss tigerair…

But I guess I’ll get used to the scoot A320 ;)


There’s tigerair AUS… I think…


The one on Australia is owned by Virgin Australia Group. While the one on Singapore is fully owned by Singapore Airlines Limited (Since last year if I’m not wrong) 😉. This merge only effects Tigerair Singapore operations and not with Tigerair Australia 😉


That video was amazing! :)


I would definitely vote, but I’m out of them…


A very nice livery I would love to see it in infinite flight


Looks damm cool reminds my of banana milkshake