Scoot A320NEO

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On Monday the 7th of October 2018, FlyScoot Airlines received its first AirBus A320neo. This is their first A320neo of 39 that have been ordered. Also, this is the start of their renewal programme.

The aircraft is powered by x2 Pratt and Whitney PurePower engines, has 186 seats in its configuration and will be deployed by Scoot on their Asia routes. It will begin flying on October the 29th, with its first route being Changi to Bangkok.

I would love to see this beautiful A320neo livery in Infinite Flight if the A320neo family is released in the future. Please vote if you think so to and comment your opinion about this request.

For further information here are some links and the link for the photo (not mine)

AirBus -
YouTube -

Thanks for reading my feature request!



This aircraft looks 99.9% similar to the one here, I read the info card onboard the aircraft and it read A320-232. It’s also Scoot btw.

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WOW! Finally Scoot gets their first A320neo! I’ll definitely vote for this when I have a spare vote.
btw @anon91707592, that livery is totally different. That is tigerairs livery
I’ve also been on scoot/tigers a320

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The shape of the winglets look exactly the same! At first I thought it was the A320NEO because of the different look but it’s another variant.

Oh yeah. I thought you were talking about the livery. That is an A320NEO (read the title). The only difference between the A320 and the A320NEO is the engines and a minor modification with the wings so they look very very similar

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Chicken Nudge

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