Scoot 787 collides with Emirates A380 at Changi

Singaporean budget carrier Scoot made contact with an Emirates aircraft during early hours Thursday at Changi Airport, Singapore.

Both Changi Airport and Scoot confirmed that an on-ground accident happened between Emirates EK405, which was bound for Dubai, and Scoot TZ188, which was departing for Tianjin.


damage to the wing of the Scoot 787


oh no, that does not sound good!
im going with emirates in a month.!
hopefully change airport can regain its confidence with all the pushback again.


Hmmm, the picture above is of the 787 wing, the wing looks to have been impacted by or impacted the underside of the wing tip fence from the starboard wing of the A380.

The report states that the Scoot 787 was taxying. Doesn’t state ‘pushback’ anywhere. There are some places in Changi where the wing tip clearance isn’t ideal to say the least and it’s monstrously busy at night.

Be interesting to see the full story.


I wonder how could they collide as the damage seems to be really serious =/

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No way! Same with me! I’m going on their A380!

Oo, that sounds nasty, I’ve been to change a few times and I love the airport though.

I thought this only happened in Infinite Flight!

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Sorry guys… @Skylines was behind the wheel.

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I did a little sleuthing and measuring and came up with this:

The wing clearances seems fine, but it doesn’t take much for something bad to happen. You can see that a 777-300ER is coming up way too close to the hypothetical A380.

Wingspans are drawn to scale, the fuselages, not so much.


woowww, im going on the b777-300er and their a380-800!!

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787 wings do not go well against other aircraft.

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