Scoot 787-9 | YMML-WSSS | Cruising with MrSky & Rishi

Hi Everyone

Its now the holidays here in Australia and now I have some time off… I can finally make more topics sharing some flights with y’all as I have some many screenshots in the gallary. Now for the flight, @SkyTrail, @PocketRishi and I left YMML (Melbourne) at noon today with ATC, flew over the red outback and over to WSSS (Singapore) were we landed in the sunset.(Well we missed it by a phew minutes but replay can fix that)

Flight Information
Server – Expert
Flight time – 7h30
Aircraft – Scoot 787-9
Callsign – CRAZY-12
Average Cruise – FL360 at Mach 0.85

Boarding here in YMML, nice to see clear blue skies.

Lineup at RWY16.

Here we come Singapore!

Hmm… Daydreaming

I don’t remember planning to go to mars!!!

And now leaving Australia’s north-west coast… how pretty!
hmm… wasn’t meant to get the same angle as the last pic… ohh well… hope you don’t mind!

Wow! and one of Indonesia’s Beautiful volcanoes…

And now descending into WSSS… as it turned out, out of the three of us. no one was at their home to start descent, so we all overshot TOD and had to modify our FP. (Done by yours truly)

ladies and gentlemen… Welcome to Singapore Changi airport…
And now vacating RWY02L for MrSky.

And now all parked up at WSSS’s terminal 2 with the rest of the SIA group (Unfortunatly I did not get silkair in this shot but Silkair was there).

Thanks for joining me today on this wonderful flight, I would have hoped for more pics of us together at cruise but unfortunately we were never close enough! Here is my Insta where you can see some other images I’m unable to share here at CrazyMinecart12

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I definitely recommend checking out my previous post, there are lots of nice pictures, thank you @SkyTrail and @PocketRishi for this amazing flight and everyone, please feel free to comment below what you thought about this flight or post.

Until next-time, See ya


Wow! Nice pictures! That’s an airline I have never flown before, but after those pics Imma do this today! Thanks for sharing

Great job on these shots!

no worries mate, glad to give you some inspiration!

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Great pics! Thanks for the flight and I look forward to flying again soon



You know, you have a thing for making raw (I think) pictures look very interested and not boring. Well done!

And thank you for joining my Discord last minuted group flight! I plan to make a video of this soon

Edit: We should have flown JetStar because thats the featured airline in the IFATC schedule.

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