SCL/CDG/LHR/TXL Compilation


If you paid attention to the members’ flights thread in the last 3 weeks, you might have noticed that I was lucky enough to spend 13 days in Europe. I visited Paris, London and Berlin. I flew in and out of 6 airports:

  • Santiago Arturo Merino Benitez Int’l (SCL/SCEL)
  • Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG/LFPG)
  • London Heathrow (LHR/EGLL)
  • London Gatwick (LGW/EGKK)
  • Berlin Schonefeld (SXF/EDDB)
  • Berlin Tegel (TXL/EDDT)

Out of those 6 airports, I took pictures in 4 of them, the two that are excluded being Gatwick and Schonefeld. All of them are relatively large airports serving decent amounts of traffic, and so I took a few pictures. A few being 320 pictures.
Now, I won’t go as far as saying these pictures are good, because they are not, but they are, in my opinion, a huge improvement from my SCL spotting topic.
And so, without further ado, here are the pictures:

Santiago Arturo Merino Benitez Int’l, SCL (9th of September, 2017)



A TAM Boeing 777-300ER arriving from Sao Paulo taxiing to the gate.


The same 777 disappearing from sight behind the LATAM 787-9.


A Copa Airlines 737-800 taxiing to runway 17L for departure to Tocumen.


LAN A320 departing runway 17R.


Air Canada 787-9 continuing its journey to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After flying for 14 hours aboard an Air France 772, I arrived at Paris. I spent two days there, and on Monday September 11th, it was time to go to London. I boarded an Air France A320 at CDG bound for London Heathrow Airport.

Paris Charles De Gaulle, CDG (11th of September, 2017)


Not a particularly interesting picture, just the wing view right after pushback. When I took the picture I didn’t notice, but if you look on the top right hand corner you can see an Air Algiere A330-200 leaving Paris. I didn’t notice this until a couple of days ago!


This, in my opinion, is one of the best photos in this entire topic. It is an absolute gem. It was taken aboard the same A320 while we were taxiing to runway 28R.

After a 1 hour flight (and some nice wing view pictures taken), we landed at Heathrow. Soft landing. We taxied to terminal 4.

London Heathrow, LHR (11th of September, 2017)


The only picture that I thought was worth sharing. A double Qatar tail as we taxied. The front one is obviously an A380 and the one in the back an A350.

Now, this is peculiar. If any of you has been to London before, you probably noticed the amount of planes that fly over it all the time during the day, especially near the City of London. And I don’t mean far away, they pass close, really close sometimes. Because I don’t have a life, instead of being a normal tourist in London, I took pictures of planes. You might notice some of them have lower resolution than the others. That is because a) they are bad resolution because I am terrible at photography and b) because I had to zoom in quite a bit in order to take a decent photo.

The Streets of London (12-17 of September, 2017)


Egyptair 777-300ER, approaching the airport.


Sunlight reflecting off a British Airways 747-400.


Aer Lingus A320, a common sight in London.


In the distance, a British Airways A380 flying away from Buckingham Palace.


Air China 50th Anniversary special livery. Boeing 777-300ER.


Lufthansa A320NEO and the Union Jack in the Houses of Parliament.


Swiss Bombardier CS100 approaching Heathrow, as sunlight starts to disappear.


DHL flying into LHR. You can tell it was becoming dark, as you can see the bright landing lights of the A300.


American Airlines 777-300ER flying from the US flying right above me during a sunny say in London.


Turkish Airlines 777-300ER turning.


Virgin Atlantic 787-9, without any clouds in the background.


Korean Air A380 and the London Eye. One of the best pictures of the topic.


In my opinion, the best picture I ever took of a plane. I don’t think I need to tell you why. British Airways A380 and the Big Ben (I know it isn’t called Big Ben, but I just can’t be bothered to search that up)

After a nice 6 days in London, it was time to go to Berlin. On the 18th of September, I boarded an EasyJet flight from London Gatwick to Berlin Schonefeld. I did not take any pictures.

After a nice 3 days in Berlin, on Thursday 21st of September, I headed to Berlin Tegel to catch my flight to Paris CDG, and then connect on AF406 to Santiago. If you’ve been in CDG, you probably know that there is basically no way of looking out the window from inside the terminal. That, and the fact that it was nighttime, made it impossible to take any pictures. However, I did take pictures at Berlin Tegel, as I arrived more than two hours early to the airport, and had a lot of time available.

Berlin Tegel, TXL (21st of September, 2017)


A plane I don’t know much about, the Dornier 328 from Geneva.
EDIT: It’s from Bern, not Geneva.


An Air Berlin A330-200 in the OneWorld livery parked, only to be returned to its leaser a few days later (I think, considering Air Berlin’s situation isn’t the best)




A Lufthansa A320 arriving.


Another Lufthansa Group airline, Germanwings, parking next to the A320.


Yet another Lufthansa, this time an A321, turning to the gate. If you look closely in the top right, you will notice the APU exhaust from one of the parked aircraft.


Passengers deboarding an Air Berlin Q400.


The Lufthansa A320 after pushback.




A Transavia France 737-800 operating for Air Belin arriving.


A KLM 737-800 arriving from Amsterdam.



A Eurowings Europa Park special livery parking.


An Alitalia A320 departing. Destination was, if I am not mistaken, Milan Linate.


An Air Berlin Q400 pushing back.


The plane that would later fly me into Paris, more than 45 minutes late. An Air France A321.


And finally, a photo that is worse than the average, but wanted to post anyways as it is a Qatar 777 departing to Doha.

And so, this topic ends.
As always, feedback from people that actually know this is greatly appreciated.
If you would like to view pictures of a specific plane or a specific location, don’t hesitate to ask.
And also, if you have any questions in general, just ask.

Thanks for passing by!


Thank you for sharing this photo 😀


Stunning pictures! Love the Birthday Girl and obviously the A380 above the Big Ben


I did take some more pictures of it. I will never get over those winglets, they look amazing.


Which one is that? The Europa Park Eurowings?

Those are actually some really good pictures, I love the ones in TXL!

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Definitely. When you leave an avgeek at a busy airport in Germany for two hours you get >100 pictures :)

Nice catch with the CS100 and I loved to see the Germanwings a320. Probably won’t see them much longer…

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Some very nice photos

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All your closeup shots are amazing! It’s always interesting to see the wide range of airlines and aircraft that come to those airports because here in Sydney it’s usually all the same. Only the occasional A340, and a very rare A350.

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I would have to disagree. London and Paris do receive a wide variety of traffic but Tegel isn’t busier than Sydney, and definetly doesn’t have more variety.
You can’t see it on the pictures, but all it was was Air Berlin A320s taking off all day. The few that weren’t AB A320s are the ones that I took a picture of.

Yeah, I was meaning more the airlines. We have only about 6 Australian airlines flying there, and all the aircraft are the same. It’s always good to have a variety ;)

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Sure, but the amount if international traffic you receive is immense. From all around Asia, the US and even the Middle East!

Well, let’s not get too off topic now.

Yeah I guess I was wrong. We do get quite a lot of traffic, but still not the hundreds of airlines operating throughout Europe. Btw just over 50 airlines operate to YSSY:

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Oh yes, completely amazing! I think all the 737-800 fleet will get them eventually, I don’t think the -700 planes will have them, as they’re planned to be retired or transferred to Copa Airlines Colombia and Wingo.

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Oh, I thought all of them had them already. I hope you’re right then. It looks great, and that livery really suits the 737.

Awesome shots! I love the Egyptair 77W shot, and I have to agree that the British Airways A380 with Big Ben in the background is the diamond of this thread ❤✈

Once again, thanks alot for sharing your journey and pictures with us! 😊


It will be so sad to see it go 😧
Love the Big Ben shot as well. The AF tails have to be one of my favourites as well.

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Wow! Excellent photos! I really like the angles you were able to get your shots from. Thanks for sharing your trip.


@SingaporeAirlines @anon31652286 @Wattsup_jet Thanks guys! I really appreciate your comments 😊

Oh, @SingaporeAirlines almost forgot to show you earlier, I think you will like this. They aren’t the best quality (that’s why there are not in the original post) but I have to share this with you.