Scimitars (split winglets) on United 737-800

For some reason, Infinite Flight decided not to put scimitars on the United 738’s, so this post is requesting the addition of them.

They would look better design wise, and it would be more realistic.

Here is some information about scimitars on United aircraft:

Split scimitar winglets have been put on United 738’s to save fuel. The scimitars are expected to cut 2% of fuel usage off United’s paycheck, which may not seem like a lot at first glance, but this saves them $200 million USD every year!

Not only that, but the winglets reduce drag to the aircraft. Which has increased cruising performance, and is most of the reason they save fuel.


If Infinite Flight would add this, it would make the United 738 look better and more realistic!

Not to mention, the scimitars look really cool.

I like the split scimitars, this would be pretty nice to add to IF


I don’t know if this was on purpose or they just forgot…

Because obviously they acknowledge that scimitars exist since they are on SouthWest 738’s and Delta 739’s, but not United 738’s even though that’s iconic for them

And the split scimitars are on the UAL 738s little almost unused brother, the 737-700.

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I use the UAL 700 but nobody else does, it’s basically the middle child
(Sorry to all the middle children out there)

Yeah, it’s really weird how they didn’t add split scimitars on the 738, as all IRL United planes have them and only 50% of Delta’s 739s have split scimitars. Plus scimitars look so good

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Yeah, I don’t see why they wouldn’t include them

Well the new livery has them on the 738 so when they add that soon maybe we will get these with it

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Hopefully. If not that would be really weird 😬

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On the -700 with UA livery no. Only if the winglet and scimitar are the same color does it look good. (Just my opinion)


I love watching the winglet bounce up and down during turbulence but unfortunately we all ready have this in 20.1

If we already had it, it would be closed already 🙃

I believe this request is for the older livery, if I’m not mistaken.

Do we really need the split scimitars? Because I think the aircraft looks better without them. And much much better without winglets all together.

I disagree, the scimitars look better

Then we can agree to disagree. 😉

I just think this looks ‘cleaner’.