Scimitar Winglets on the Boeing 737

Picture taken by Milan Mikac.

What are scimitar winglets?
The Scimitar/Split winglet was first introduced on the Boeing 737-800 in 2014. It was designed to supposedly reduce fuel consumption by 2%. They can be retrofitted on to original 737 winglets.


It looks incredibly cool if you ask me. It would also be a cool feature, not to mention realistic.

There is already a topic for this. It has 40+ votes. Perhaps you can reply and paste your information there as it is detailed. I would hate to close the other one and lose all those votes.


Remember there is normally only one photo.

You can always PM the user instead of posting here about it. I think the “spirit” of that rule was to keep people from posting a dozen images of the same thing. One extra image showing the details doesnt hurt.


See this and the above comment by Chris


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