School club


So last year I had this great idea and said to myself “why not create a infinite flight club at my school” so I just got all the people who needed to sign up and all I need to do now is get the paperwork to administration to approve of it.
I’m guessing you guys are wondering what the club will be doing? I will teach the club how to
To use the simulator professionally like taxing correctly, etc. what do you guys think about it


Because it’s school related that’s why


If I was still in school, I would’ve definitely joined your club, that’s if you’re in New Hampshire, which I assume you aren’t lol.

I want to make a club at a school like this. Good luck with the club! :)


Thanks I hope to bring more members to the community


Sounds like an interesting idea! Good luck!


Good idea. I wished that I could have made something like that but every friend I have are into this ‘Fortnite’


Do you have a school counselor you can bring this up to they would be more than happy to help you


See I don’t have many friends but one reason I’m doing this is to make more friends with my intrests


Not a bad idea, brings more people to the Aviation and IF Community :)


Yeah it’s hard for me to make friends so this is a reason why I’m starting a club


Well imma try to get some shut eye for now talk in a while


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