School club project...

We jave a school club that does modles, and today was the first day, so we got our models, I got a B25

So here is whare I need your help, I know nothing about the B25, and want to paint this in either a neat livery, or a historicaly important aircrafts paint job, so I figured a few of you would know these things. Also it is technicly a competition, and wile winning is not every thing I do want to win, so pleas don’t tell me like “Paint it greeen, some of them were that color, and it is my favorite color…” (In a mocking 6yr old voice)


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Google is your friend Look it up :)


Does it not come with paint.

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No… But they have paint

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Paint it like it is on the box. The decals should line up.

Do you know what brand. Also does it not have a painting guide with the model.

Pacific power seems like a cool one, maybe you can try that one.

Here you go



My fav Livery for the B-25 as far as I have seen. 100 Google pics and counting.


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