Schloopy91's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello! I’m just now getting into the world of ATC and would like to up my operations count. I’m not looking to be tested with extreme circumstances just looking for some pilots to control.

Airport: KMIA

Server: Training

Runways: 8L, 8R, 9, 13

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

Requests: Arrivals, departures, pattern work, anything you want!

Duration: 1+ hours


stepping by in a sec

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are you also looking for any feedback or just into boosting your atc operations & skills?

Feedback is always welcome, just not looking for anyone to intentionally create chaos. I feel confident for the most part with procedures, still just learning the commands and UI for the most part.


I’ll stop by.

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I’ll stop by.

I’ll stop by for a little

I’ll stop by

Stopping by.

Yeaaaah…ok sorry about that. That was a lot of pattern work requests at one time, and following the transition requests threw me off as well. Wasn’t expecting the outpouring of support there but going to try that again some time in the future!


G-YZJM feedback:

Wrong sequence at the first time. (Please ONLY sequence aircrafts on the SAME runway)

Enjoy :)

No problem, you didn’t do bad considering it is your first session. I would also recommend you to open smaller airports in quieter areas, KMIA is quite popular on the TS and you may encounter trolls ruining your ATC experience.

Some airports i’d recommend you to open are the following: KTUS, KFAT, KLCK, EDDT, LIPZ, PGUM, ROAH.

Keep it up!


For those curious: initially there were 2 aircraft, 1 from the north 1 from the south each requesting transitions, so I gave them 2000 feet of separation and the lowest 1500 feet of separation from pattern altitude underneath. Plane in the downwind started climbing above 1500 creating a conflict so I was focusing on that and then those two planes transitioning requested pattern work.

If that was the request, I was expecting that to be the initial call when entering the airspace. In that case, the south plane would have gotten a downwind for 9 and the north plane a downwind for 8L, but they had already crossed over at that points so it was somewhat of a mess. From there I misclicked a sequence call and it was too much to make sense of.


We’re you the one flying the a-10?

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Yes, indeed.

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All good, there was a lot of people who came to help out.

Few things I noticed while you were open:

  • Transition was okay at 3k, however 2.5k would’ve been better as Miami is basically flat.
  • I received a pattern entry for 08R however, I got a sequence to follow traffic on 08L, then I was cleared to land on 08R despite calling in on touch and go. I should’ve received just a pattern entry there and clearance for the option with a Left/Right traffic direction.

That’s all I could get before you disappeared.

I’d also recommend opening at smaller less known airports for the best help. KMIA has many runways which can be harder for someone just starting. Here’s some airports I’d recommend: EGCC, EDDH, KAUS, MMUN and many more!

Any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll link some helpful tools I used when I was practicing for IFATC. Strongly recommend you take a look.

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No worries , only thing is that I would also recommend opening smaller airports like some that are listed above for example , otherwise You’ve kind of summed up all my questions in the reply that was above aswell. Have an nice rest of your day :)

Feedback from N17EE

[21:52:06Z] Transition altitude should be 2,500 since Miami area around there is extremely flat with no terrain . In the reply above I could see why you gave me 5,000 though. Good resources have been provided above in previous replies.

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I also forgot to mention that I still have no ATC voice even after the the Alex trick, which makes it exceedingly difficult to keep track of who’s calling and who I’ve responded to, so hopefully that is resolved soon.

i was in the downwind:)
i saw the conflict late because of the map scale i had at that time. This is when i begun to descend to regain seperation, but conflicting with a lower traffic.

Some time earlier i heard you cleared a traffic transition 5000’ so i thought i was safe at 2500’.

I think you did everything to avoid conflict there. Moreover as Tower you are very limited in your speed/altitude commands :)

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Just a quick one, when flying patterns the pattern altitude is 1000ft AAL (above aerodrome level) for props and 1500ft AAL for jets. So for you at Miami, 1500ft would’ve been the correct pattern altitude. Hopefully this helped you understand pattern altitudes better, feel free to send any questions.