Schloopy91’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LFBO [WRITTEN PASSED]

Opening up Ground and tower frequencies for a while (probably at least an hour) to get some more organized experience before the practical exam. Here are the details:

  • RWYS in use: 32L & 32R
  • Current winds: 290@8
  • Pattern work is allowed
  • I am not looking for this to be a stress test, so please keep things reasonable and I will do my best to accommodate (no ‘intentional’ deviations from instructions to ‘test’ me)

Look forward to seeing folks around!

Bumping this, it’s a ghost town out here.

Im joining right now!

Hey there, American 552 here:

Overall, perfect job on everything: you issued the right callouts at the right times with no errors!

Wish you all the best and hope to see you on IFATC very soon!

P.S. I am also practicing for my practical, so I would greatly appreciate you dropping by when I open for some patterns too - would also love you to tag me when you reopen to come by again!

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Thanks for stopping by, pretty straightforward with only one plane in the pattern. I was hoping that Air India plane would be inbound as well but they appear to be AFK at 26,000 ft…

Yeah, casual server though……… 😂😂

Closed for now, only ended up getting the one aircraft. I’ll try again soon.

Hopping back online for a bit, same criteria as described yesterday. Feel free to stop by! Looking to take the practical very soon depending on if I get decent traffic today.

32R & 32L in use.

Feedback from Airbus002

Really good work here, was impressed with the go around decision and runway changes!

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Back open again, 32R & 32L in use. Pattern work allowed, winds 350@08

Open one last time before the practical exam later today, feel free to stop by

Winds: 330@11

Rwy 32R & 32L

I can’t make it but good luck and hope to see you in IFATC soon!

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