Schleicher ASK 21 Glider

This ‘Aircraft’ is unique in his genre and in IF it would be more unique too!

It could be added in some months, because now Laura will must work on the MD11/DC10 ;)


It would be cool if they could make the cessna or another ga aircraft be a tow plane for gliders. Imagine logging into live and being towed for a glider flight!


I like it but I think that the devs would only be able to implement the gilder with a prop on it.

Yes, there are different versions, one has a little prop :)

That’s called a TMG.

Problem with this is that there are a LOT more to it. Devs have to implement updrafts, thermals, ridge lifts and wave currents. To be able to exploit this can be really hard for someone who doesn’t know the fundamentals of gliding.

Another thing is that people will try to enter controlled airspace with it. There are almost NO gliders allowed in controlled airspace (except for some TMG’s at really small airports), they have to stay within marked zones in class G / RMZ.
There would simply be too much to think about and expected from pilots…

Apart from that, the ASK 21 is a BEAUTIFUL glider!


Would be a good addition!


The K21’s a nice club hack aircraft but for a really special 2 seater you need to be looking at the likes of the ASH 25, Duo Discus, or DG1000. Or for that aerobatic feel maybe an MDM Fox!

I’ve got an Ric version of this glider

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Not a bad idea. What if there was a way to see where not to fly and fly with the glider. It would also be used in small airports. I vote for it.

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