Schiphol spotting!

On Tuesday (07-08) I went to Schiphol to spot some beauties! This is my first time using a DSLR.
We went from the Official spotters place at RWY 18R/36L, then we went to Schiphol Plaza and after that we went to the end of RWY 18L/36R but we saw the A380 taking off too late. That’s was a shame. But here are the pictures:

Our view at the end of RWY18L/36R isn’t it lovely :/

That’s me :) and the A380

A TUI B789 has arrived from - I thought - Willemstad

Nice belly, an A380 is taking off from 18L.

Thrust reverse on a B789 (RWY 18R)

The Queen of the Sky has arrived at RWY 18R

I haven’t seen this livery from TUI before

Camera: Canon 400D
Lens: 50-250 mm lens, I thought.


That TUI 738 livery looks to be from Miami Air. A charter airline in Miami that uses the 737



Crossing the motorway at Shipol en route to Toulouse


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