Schiphol Spotting from home 10-2-2021

Every now and then… when runway 27 is used for departures… All aircraft turning to the north end up flying right over or very close to my apartment complex. And after I got my new telephoto lens I realized I was able to take quite decent photos of these aircraft. This was my first time trying to capture them.
So here we go:

British Airways 787-8 G-ZBJK climbing for London.

KLM A330-303 PH-AKE to Washington D.C.

KLM 777-306ER PH-BVN banking towards Chicago.

KLM 777-306ER PH-BVB heading to Lima.

American Airlines 787-8 N811AB on its way to Dallas.

Delta Airlines A350-941 N504DN heading home to Atlanta.

Icelandair 767-319ER TF-ISN bound for Reykjavík.

Thanks for opening! More spotting pictures on my social media :)
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Why is there a 787 flying from Amsterdam to London?

Your quite lucky you can get photos like that from the comfort of your own home.

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Wait, I thought this was infinite flight

One word: CARGO
This has been happening during Covid
You can’t expect an A320 to carry so much freight

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Nope, these are the real aircraft in their (metallic) flesh :)

The flight is registered as a cargo flight in the airport’s arrival & departures list. With unusual circumstances(a pandemic) come unusual flights. All of the aircraft pictured here, with the exception of the IceAir 767 and Delta A350 were operating cargo flights.

Ok, Thanks

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