Schiphol Int'l Airport, the Netherlands

While I was on my way to work I saw this on the screens at Schiphol Int’l Airport. For me the weather is just as usual and not that windy, however, after going outside I saw that it was a little bit windy. But for Dutch norms (at least for me) it was not that bad.

The thing is that most of the delayed flights are European (short haul) flights. And while I was outside I saw that most of the aircrafts who took off from RWY 24 were using the whole RWY and were flying quite low…



Could you add more to your post as you haven’t really added that much?

You can also read the what the #real-world-aviation for here:


Whats so funny about that?

Do you know the reason for the delays? And yes it pretty windy outside

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It was’t really meant to be funny… Was more like I saw this at the airport, thats why I wanted to share it with you guys. Cause normally Schiphol doesn’t have that much of delays (in one time).

Currently searching for it. Wind 2kts increased with 3.70 km/h 2.30 mph.

I see that they are using the whole RWY of 24 to take off, and they fly rather low…

Het is een storm

I disagree, this isn’t a storm… I’d say it’s windy, but classifying it as a storm is a little bit too excessive. Looked on KNMI and saw no announcements or so…

Yes this is just daily weather for us ghehe. You should know rofl
Have no clue for this delays tho

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Who uses rofl anymore? This is LOL country.

I think it could be lightening.

No lightning

Heavy rain and low visibility is the reason I guess.

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Electrical storm maybe, thats weird.

I was also thinking about possible drones in the area maybe.

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Runway 36C looks closed.

Weird. Military activity maybe? Could be Russia or China.

mmh, if I look METAR then it says that the visability was oke… Visibility 7000m and Light shower rain… The reason why they probably flew low was cause of Clouds few 600ft, broken 1300ft, scattered 1800ft cumulonimbus

They are currently using RWY 36L (henceforward the closed 36C/They are crossing 36C) and they first used RW 24 as T/O runway, however they changed it and now landing RWY is 06.

This is due the Wind direction I think, since there is a storm around the UK.

They only use RWY 06 for landing, so therefore also the delays in arrival, there are no delays anymore at departures

Some planes diverted to Rotterdam EHRD

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If there were any going to the UK, the weather here is crazy. There was a weather warning this morning for the south right in the centre of where London Heathrow and Gatwick are


From the Eurocontrol tactical update around 1500


EDDF (Frankfurt)
Arrivals regulated due to Weather, CBs.
Moderate delays.

EGLL (London Heathrow)
Arrivals regulated due to Weather, CBs.
High delays.

EGKK (London Gatwick)
Arrivals regulated due to Weather, CBs.
Moderate delays.

EGLC (London City)
Arrivals regulted due to aerodrome capacity.
Moderate delays.

EHAM (Amsterdam)
Arrivals regulated with reduced rate due to Weather, CB.(Cross-wind exclusions in use from 1600-1700/Dutch AIP 2.22)
High delays all evening.