Scheluded upcoming updates.

Hello fellow IF members I have a request I would like to make… So everybody knows how anxious we all are to know about new and upcoming updates for IF, whether it be an aircraft or region ( I know global is coming out so we won’t get regions anymore) we would just like to know when it is going to be released… so my idea is that the Devs could make a calender for the year and schedule all update releases… This would also help with un clogging the forum from so many Feature request and also know when and what the when the next updatewhen and will be released… Let’s face it the Devs have enough aircraft feature request to last them several years after global is released… So why not make a calender for each update they do.

What do you guys thinks???

  • Yes, I like the idea!
  • No, I do not like the idea!
  • Maybe,It has potential!

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This has been requested before, and it won’t happen. The developers don’t know when they will release an update. In addition, setting a specific date to release an update wouldn’t be the best. If they pass the date, people would be angry, etc.

They will release an update whenever they feel it’s ready to be used by the public.