Scheduled Server Maintenance

Scheduled Server Maintenance

We are carrying out scheduled maintenance today to update some of our servers. We are hoping to avoid downtime, but there is a chance you may experience momentary disconnects while this is carried out.

We’ll post any status updates on this post. Please open a topic in #support if you are experiencing issues that aren’t noted below.


10:00Z - Scheduled maintenance starts.

10:48Z - Global Server and the Public API experienced brief moments of downtime while updates were performed. These have recovered now and we are continuing to monitor.

10:54Z - We’ve been made aware that some airports and scenery may not load properly. If this happens, please go to Settings -> General -> Clear Scenery Cache which should solve the issue. Thanks!

12:00Z - Thanks for your patience! Our services are stable right now. We are continuing the maintenance in the background but don’t expect further service interruptions.