SchaefferAV8R's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Alrighty, will add some information.
Yes I am trying. Failed the hands on test twice. Will keep practicing.

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Just realized how late it was for me, so I won’t be able to stop by, haha. I’ll definitely try to stop by next time though.

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Aighty, have a good night! :D

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RJTT is now closed, good day! Last departure was JA900N in the F16. Thank you to all who came!

YSSY is now open!

YSSY is now closed, good day!

VHHH is now open!

Will try and come by in 15-20 minutes if you’re still open.

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Aighty. I will probably control for about an hour.

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I wouldn’t suggest opening until the Weather Issue has been fixed. I’ll come anyways.

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Well whats the the worst that can happen xD

Hey Schaeffer,

I missed the part in the first post that no pattern work was allowed - my bad. :)

You may already know this, but ATC tracking threads are mostly created by people who are trying to improve their skills with the help of the IF community before or during the process of applying for IFATC, and therefore, most, if not all, allow (even hope for) pattern work. I don’t believe this is a hard rule, though; just saying people coming to help might be surprised.

I assume you’re looking for feedback on ground and arrival / departure instructions. Very briefly:

  • You had my runway right the first time. You should not allow departures from the opposite end of the runway in use for arrivals. There was an aircraft on final RW25L and you sent me to the opposite end, RW07R (and told me to line up and wait while the landing aircraft was rolling down towards me).

Best of luck! :)

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I sent you to runway 7R because the weather was not available so I figured any runway is fine as the arriving aircraft was gonna come to a full stop anyway. Thanks tho! Will not let that happen again! Thanks for coming by! :D

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Despite the weather, you should never land and depart aircraft from different ends of the runway. Also, never line up an aircraft while another aircraft is landing on short final, this can result in a runway incursion.

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Yes sir! Will never let that happen again. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! :D

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VHHH is now closed, good day! Thank you to all who came! :D

RPLL is now open! Standby for info.

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