SchaefferAV8R’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A [PASSED PRACTICAL]

Hi! This will be the tracking thread for my ATC ops. Every feedback is welcome and appreciated :D

Display Name: IFPHG Flying Tarsier

Status: Closed

Server: Training Server

Airport: N/A

Frequencies: N/A

Pattern work: N/A

Passed the practical test! Thank you to everyone who helped me!

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I’ll stop by

I was N514LC.


  1. I asked to pushback as a test. I was piloting a small planed that does not have pushback capabilities. Thus, you should tell me to taxi, not pushback, so that I stop when you intend.

  2. I asked for a frequency change as a test. You already told me to change frequencies in my taxi instructions, so you should have done the duplicate frequency change command.

  3. You already told me to make right traffic so you do not need to instruct me to enter right downwind for the same runway I took off of.

  4. You sent the duplicate message cmd. when I reported my position and changed my intentions to a full stop.

  5. The exit runway cmd. was really late.

  6. You should send aircraft to the left traffic for runway 24 so that they don’t fly directly overhead runway 31 at pattern height.

  7. The transition altitude is 3,000 ft not 2,500 ft if you round up which I believe you should.

  8. The PRO19 guy didn’t need you to call their base. Once you sequence, it’s the aircraft’s job to maintain separation. I’ll call your base is to separate for departures.

  9. Good job handling the last scenario. You tried to reason with me but realized you had to take necessary precautions to maintain safety. Sorry about that, it was just a test and you did well.

Overall, pretty good. You should work on pattern instructions, transitions, and commands. I can come by tomorrow if you’re open.

  1. Yeah I forgot that the TBM had no pushback capabilities.
  2. I couldn’t find the command so I gave up hahaha
  3. Ohh I see, noted.
  4. Woops yeah sorry about that
  5. Noted
  6. I think I instructed you to enter left downwind for runway 24 from what I remember hmm
  7. Noted, forgot to round up.
  8. Noted
  9. Thanks!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I’ll check my schedule if i’m free :D

For number six, that’s how you instructed me to enter but for the rest of the pattern, I’d recommend to not overlap your traffic.

I see, thank you so much!

Bruh you have to chill @Vignesh_S

what happened

You were taxiing very fast lol, are you currently on the Training Server at RPLL?

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Yeah, sorry abotu that. I got confused on where the runways were

Haha, no worries.


    1. When I requested frequency change from ground to tower, you shouldve said “already instructed to change freuqncy” cause u already told me that when u gave me the taxi clearance.

Everything else was good. I was gonna do a transition on you but u left. Will try to attend another one of ur sessions next time if possible. Good luck!

I couldn’t find the name of that command. Whats the name btw?

Thanks so much! I may reopen at 10:00 UTC

It’s called “duplicate frequency change”.
If I can remember, i think it is located in misc messages

Ohh I thought it would say “Avoid sending duplicate messages”. Thank you!

duplicate is if you are sending the same message over and over and over…

Yes I know that, I thought pressing “duplicate frequency change” would say “Avoid sending duplicate messages”

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RPLL is open!

RPLL is now closed!

Lifehack with the second one: go to misc messages and give it a fast scroll to the bottom. idk if it is intentional, but it definitely makes it very fast to issue

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