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Hello IFC!

I took a wonderful flight from Anchorage to Vancouver, and then a short hop down to Portland, where I’ll continue onto San Fransisco later in time. This is also my first screenshot thread so I hope you enjoy!

PANC - CYVR: Air Canada 563, A321
CYVR - KPDX: Air Canada 560, A321

Both flights were preformed on Expert

(1) AC563 Departing Ted Stevens Anchorage International as the sun rises.

(2) Flying over the scattering of Alaskan/Canadian Islands.

(3) AC563 arriving at Vancouver International Airport

(4) AC560 Departing Vancouver International Airport en-route to Portland

(5) Banking right turning towards the West Coast

(6) Flying over the amazing views that is Oregon

(7) Flaring on arrival to Portland

(8) C-GJWO sitting at the gate after a long days work

Thanks for checking out my pictures!

I’ll be making more of these in the future, until then, see you in the skies!

Which picture was your favorite!

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Please ask for permission to use these images


So Sis tell me. How do I vote for all of them? ❤️



Nice photos!


gurl we have discovered a talent! nice pics 💜


Nice photos great job!

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Great pics, just wish you could have gotten another pic of the Alaskan islands. But great job! 😃

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Today’s tea: your great at taking photos! How can I vote for all of them?!

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This girl right here be taken mad pics! Love them all sister <3

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