Scenic VFR flight with MD-11

So for tonight’s flight I decided to change a bit of things when using an aircraft. So I decided to use the MD-11. I wasn’t sure at first but I’m glad I was able to catch some nice pictures. Have a look on these photos.

•Aircraft: MD-11/ Infinite flight Livery ❤

•Route: VFR

•Sever: Training

Now I need an opinion from you guys. Should I continue putting more extra detail to my photos or just post the pictures with no descriptions? Anyway I hope you like my photos 🙂


Wow cool, I never knew we had that livery in IF!

Great pics tho! First one is the best one. 😃


Those look amazing! I love the MD-11. Such a great aircraft.

I think that posting the photos with a description is nice, but either way is fine. You could even do some with descriptions, some without. For example, if one photo contains a specific landmark (like a mountain, for example), then you could say “Featuring the beautiful (mountain name here), our (aircraft) turns left towards (airport)” or something like that.

Just my $9.99, lol

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A very nice livery in my opinion! That last photo is a stunner! Great job!

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You mean, 12.99 Canadian Dollars?

@ViperSlam Great Photos! Thanks for sharing!

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Awesome pictures! The scenery is the best!

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Of course. Thank you everyone for loving my pictures :)

I say keep the descriptions nice photos

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