Scenic US short-hauls?

Hello y’all! I know there are many topics like this but I am requesting short-hauls within the US I would like to have these short-hauls to be scenic and use the 737, 747, 757, Babybus Family.

not trying to sound bossy guys! 😂 Just Askin for some suggestions.

Thank Y’all So Much! Stay Safe! 🧼

Sincere apologies if this is in the wrong section

DEN-LAX is beautiful. About 2-3 hours.


My all-time favorite route to fly in Infinite Flight is from KLAX to KSFO. It’s the most beautiful scenery with the ocean to your left, green mountains and a desert to your right. And the approach into San Franciscos 28L/R runways is gorgeous too.


What aircraft would you use?

Alaska 737 or A320 for the KLAX / KSFO route


Awesome! I’ll make sure to try it out!

I would try KSEA-PAJN, wow! My all time favorite route!


I would try KDEN - KHDN, in a Southwest B737-700, with the RNAV Runway 28 approach, as seen here:
It’s much more fun than Kai-Tak!

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Well, a lot of Alaskan Suggestions! I’ll be rockin’ that 737 for a while innit!

That sounds nice! Lovin’ SW rn! 😁

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Definitely do a flight in/out of Juneau (PAJN) or hop around the Hawaiian islands. Both are hands down some of the best scenery in the US.


I’m just imagining the mountains at PAJN right now! 🌈 ☁️!

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I like KLAS-KDEN (SWA 737-700), and I guess this one is US because it’s a territory:

Guam - Saipan (IDK the ICAOs)
United 737-700

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My new Instagram account is gonna be flooded with these routes!

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Well I recommend DEN-LGA with Southwest. Mountain scenery to a fun visual approach is great.
SMF is also fun. DEN-FLL, BWI-SMF, those are some good ones.
If you were to traverse just beyond the border, however, I highly recommend YYZ-YVR. Beautiful mountains the whole way and then a gorgeous mountain and water approach.


Well, a great mix of desertness & icy mountains from the IFC! 😁

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Any UPS 757 Routes?

Short haul of course!

I recommend FR24 to find routes with parameters.

Try KDEN - KSEA, beautiful flight!

Will do! A lot of KSEA here!

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I HIGHLY don’t recommend you fly the 757 though.


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