Scenic Routes

Hi everyone! ;)

I’m looking for some scenic routes to fly, so please send me your favorites! Also I could not find another topic like this one so I’m sorry if this is a duplicate.

Some routes in the Apls Idk specific airports but look for airports in the French Alps. Caribbean Island hoping: Santo Domingo-San Juan-St Thomas- St Marteen-St Barts-etc it just goes on

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I’ll definitely look into the alps. Thanks!

Yeah ofcourse also doesnt have to be an airliner fly GA to get a better view👀

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You can use this link to find where to find some flights in those areas that @Kevinsoto1502 has said.

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I suggest checking this thread out. Lots of goodies here.

If you’re just looking for input, anything across the major mountain ranges around the world like the Himalayas, Alps, Andes, etc.

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I would take a look 👀 at this topic, it has some great flights!


KSEA to PAJN. This is a good one

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