Scenic Route Over The Tibet Mountains

Scenic Route Over The Tibet Mountains In An A319 Air China Livery To Chengdu

Server = Expert
Date = 5th Jan 2020
Flight Time = 2hrs 22mins
Aircraft = Airbus 319 Air China (438)
Route = VNKT - ZUUU (Tribhuvan-Chengdu)

At the gate at Tribhuvan International Airport


Over Bagmati

Mt Everest @ Tibet

Approach into Chengdu

Short Final @ Chengdu

No buttery landing @ Chengdu today!

Arrived at the gate with a local time of 15:30 (but who really knows at this point) and a flight time of 2hrs and 22mins!


Cool pictures it is a very scenic route

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Rather dangerous over the mountains too

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Air China.exe has quit unexpectedly.


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That’s right because it was grease.

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Liked the departure. Must of looked amazing in-game 🤩

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Thanks, it was very nice. I’ll have to try Flying around in a C172 next time! 😁