Scenic Northeast: Cape Air @KBOS - 091800ZJUN19

Hello, I am pleased to offer an event that has not ever been offered before, a Cape Air event. Since the Cessna 402C is not in IF, we will use the TBM 930 in any livery.

SERVER: Expert
TIME: 2:00PM EST, 11:00AM PST, 7:00PM GMT+1


Cape Air 02:
Cape Air 03:
Cape Air 04:
Cape Air 05:
Cape Air 06:
Cape Air 07:
Cape Air 08:
Cape Air 09:
Cape Air 10:
Cape Air 11:

Please remember that YOU are responsible for weight and balance, and use the Unicom with respect. Failure to do so will result in you not being allowed in future events.

FLIGHT PLAN: -you can add additional waypoints at your direction.
Ascent: 1500fpm, 150 Knots
Cruise: 8,000 feet, 210 Knots
Descent: 1300fpm, 130 Knots
Also, check for weather in KSLK if you need to.

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