Scenic-Introduction to my series of Edited Short Videos

I’m I’Zhang and this is my first blog post in IFC. I and a G3 flyer and will show up almost every ES topic HUB.
Recently I was screen recording when I was flying and trying to cut and edit them into short videos that are suitable for TikTok, and I already posted some of them into the China version of TikTok. It was sort of popular in people who have the same interest as me.
I think it’s a beneficial thing to do to share my videos in this community too, as for a first-time try. Some of the videos were short as to 15 seconds, but some are long as 30 seconds.
Most of my videos have Chinese annotations, but I will list the key information in the written brief introduction.

Video Link-Onedrive

Date: March 14, 2021
Route: Guam International-Vancouver International
Server: ES
Arrival time: GTC+8 18:30

Hope you like it~


That was perfect Feedback try to record in replay and remove names in box the name is ur choice

Thank you very much! 😊