Scenic GA Flyout in Redmond, Oregon

Earlier today (the 28th of May) I had partaken in an flyout event dedicated to @OregonAviaton’s b-day. Here’s ten photos from that event.

Mini-Mod Repellent / Flight Details

Route: Several Patterns Around Redmond (RDM), then Redmond (RDM) to Ashland (S03).
Aircraft: TBM-930
Flight Time: Combined time from patterns and the route was just short of an hour.
Cruising Alt: Varied, did really stick to one specific alt.

  1. Just spawned in next to @Oregon001, after a rather rough experience in the C172. The crosswinds here are brutal today.

2. Holding short while a TBM takes off (was unable to find a username attached to the plane).

3. Taking off on runway 11, with a Q400 off to Seattle (also unable to find a username associated with this plane).

4. Landing on runway 11, with @N22HW just a few short miles behind me.

5, @OregonAviaton comes in for a landing whilst I’m holding short.

6. Taking off on runway 11, off to a small GA field in the overall vicinity of my home.

7. Flying between the Sisters, with @Oregon001 making another appearance in the P-38, this time escorting me. Mt Hood, Mt Adams, and Mt Rainier (in that order) in the background on the left.

8. Cruising past Crater Lake

9. Headed downwind for a landing on runway 30.

10. Rolling to a stop in Ashland, with Grizzly Peak very prominent in the background.

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