Scenic Formation Flight with IFATC

Hey All,
Today myself, @Jeffrey1o2, @Yacht and @Thomas decided to go do some formation flying over Uluru in Central Australia. We departed YAYE on Expert around 2320Z and arrived back there at around 0000Z. We had never flown together like this so there were a few quirks but overall we did fairly well. Without further ado;

Lining up for Departure. By me.

Loose diamond formation after takeoff. By me.

Conga Line by me

Turning. By me.

Passing Uluru. By me.

No Captoin Required. By @Yacht.

Tight 3 Man Formation by @Yacht

Wingtip to Wingtip. By @Thomas.

Hope you enjoyed!


Wow, great shots!

Happy anniversary:)

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Wow, that moonshot! Keep it up, man, and a happy birthday to you!

Love those pics! The #2 is the second best! (no need to say what the best is.)

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This is just incredible! Great shots!

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IFATC Breaking separation rules, GHOST THEM

We had flight of 4 in our callsigns so all was fine ;)

That moon shot damn.

WOW! Incredible

Those are some lovely shots mate, I love flying in the Aussie Outback.