Scenic Flights

Does anyone have a flight that is 1-4 hours that has pretty good scenery?


Here can help you out. Lots of good stuff there:


Any route to Hawaii from the mainland is just over that length


That topic above is great but if you are looking for something specific, KSEA-PANC has some great scenery!


Thank you!


If you’re not interested in the above, maybe for today go through DTNH-EDDT? Beautiful route I’m flying right now.

Yeah that’s what I was looking for, a route for today. How long is it?

Just under 3 hours. Beaches of Tunisia, beautiful Italian coastline, Austrian Alps…

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Where did you get your flight plan. That sounds great!

Good route to remember Air Berlin with the 737-700.

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Ok thank you!

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Wait can I join you man

Yup. I’ll circle around up here.

Actually I’ll land.

Wait are you on expert server? If so then continue your flight because I’m not allowed

Oh ok. Yeah I’m on expert. Hit me up if you want to do a group flight another time though.

Yeah ok man me and my bud Amar we’re actually looking for a third flight buddy so you can join us sometime

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Alright sounds good. See ya!

Alright I’m airborne it’s looking pretty nice so far! :)

LSZS-LOWI. nice view thru the alps

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