Scenic flight (tncm)

Hello people of infinite flight i am doing a scenic flight in a ciruss if anyone wants to join i will be at a parking gate in st maarten and if u are up for it just be in a ciruss and have your callsign delta so i will know its you thank you btw i will be on atc playground server

Sure, I’m on the server right now. What is your callsign?

Delta276 im holding short of runway 28

What location?

I am at princess juliana

No, I mean like San Fran, or Southern Calif

Im in the carribean at princess juliana i can go to another airport if u like

Want to try Chicago KORD?

Ok i will be there in a moment what will your callsign be

DELTA1 Heavy

Ok u should see me in sec delta 276

Ok, I am going KORD to KRFD

Sorry it’s taking me a long time, I was accidentally on free flight :P Transferring to playground now.

Pologys bout my taxi it was bad hello delta 1 heavy

I couldn’t take off because my wheel got stuck in the ground, trying again.

Departed for KRFD, rising to FL100, heading 300 degrees.

Can you get close for a screenshot? I have a VS of 1000 at FL70

wasnt paying attention and stalled lol

Slow down, I’m going to try to get close for a screenshot.

I have to go off now unfortunately have a funeral tommorow and it is late here in ireland i will flynthe skys with ye again tommorow if i can thank you