Scenic Flight from Austin to Calgary

Hello IFC! A while back when Calgary was featured on the ATC schedule I figured that I would fly one of Austin’s newest routes: Calgary with Westjet! I took a scenic route because I needed a longer flight.

Flight Information

Aircraft: Westjet 737-700
Flight Time: 5 hours 38 minutes
Server: Expert


Rotating off 17R at KAUS

Bye Austin!

Near Albuquerque New Mexico

Passengers were treated to great views of the Rocky Mountains

Nearing Canada!

The sun sets as we approach Calgary

Seat belt sign is turned on


🚨 Realism Police 🚨 Air Canada parked in Westjet gates

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Looking fly pun not intended as always Sno. I love the photos.

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Thank you very much!

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My pleasure my friend.

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Nice picture, bud!

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Thank you!

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Very nice pics @snoman 👍🏽😊

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Why thank you :D

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