Scenic Eurohops (1-2.5hrs)

Hi everyone! Do you have any scenic, short European hops that you wish to share? I’m planning on doing a short European flight for my first global flight. The time span for me would be 1 to 2.5 hours. I’m hoping to do some Eurohops in the a320 family, and some with the Dash 8. So if you know of any scenic routes across Europe with these aircraft, comment them below! Thanks!


Innsbruck - London Gatwick EasyJet A320, 1h 47m. Get a niceview of Austira.
EasyJet 8294


Helsinki (HEL) to Inverness (INV)

2 Hours 30 minutes

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I don’t have any short hops planned only international long hauls.

I suggest:


Flights over the Alps :)


Barcelona(LEBL) to palma de mallorca (LEPA) is a great one!

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LIG-ZRH would be nice - that will be my first global route.

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Any flight in and out of Switzerland is fascinating. My favorite is a short LSZH - LSGG hop. Swiss flies it in A320 daily


Tirana to Vienna
1.15 hour flight time

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Örebro - Arlanda 1h :) capital of sweden and the town i currently live in :)

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ENGM - EGLL ;) Scenic and busy

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Personally, I’m still debating between FRA-LHR, AMS-LHR, and ZRH-LHR.
It depends on if you want to fly into a busy airport. I suspect that LHR will be busy with people getting ready to take-off for trans-atlantic routes so I’m looking forward to flying into LHR then.

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For a first global route I am planning to do a EDDL - EGLL. (BA A319, Speedbird 945), both airports and procedures I know already as they are in current version so I can concentrate more on the views and new features rather than also learning to fly in/out of a new airfield!

Happy landings all

LKPR - EGLL British Airways A319. Nice route, has nice scenery.

Surely your first flight would be from your local/personal favourite airport?


I’d suggest Lossie (RAF Lossiemouth) to Oban, a nice trip across Scotland

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  1. Berlin > Rome

  2. Scandinavian tour. Helenski > Stockholm > Oslo > Copenhagen > Rejackvick.

  3. Cross the Mediterranean. (Not really European but hey)

  4. Madrid > Barcelona > Paris > Berlin > Warsaw > Moscow > Kiev

#2 is my favorite :)

EVRA-EGSS (Riga International- London Stansted)
Ryanair 737-800

Reykjavík, hehe, nice try though. 😋

My first flight will be Oban - Tiree and/or Coll.

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Toulouse /barcelona… Very short fly !! In reality twice a week by low cost vueling in A320 !! You must cross pyrennees mountains …wonderful…but not easy !!!

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