Scenic Destinations

Take a peek around KMYL it’s very beautiful.

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You must go to Caracas. SVMI is my home airport and the views of the mountains are amazing. I always fly a GA plane around the mountains and then in the city and land at SVFM


Thanks for all tour input! I’ll be sure to try everyone of these airports out!

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you should really try EKVG
in the Faroe Islands
its tooo scenic

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LQSA, Sarajevo. Surrounded by mountains on 2 sides.


Hey @Aviation3,

I really like the approach in LDZA. The low lying hills just pleases my eyes. You should really try that :)



Fly into CYVR from the east. You’ll fly over the Rockies and the Cascades.

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Fly CYKA-CYVR it’s beautiful, here is the link to some screenshots I got from it.
CYKA-CYVR the most beautiful flight

Milan Bergamo (LIME) is a very nice place to fly into from the north where you descend through the Alps!

I don’t know many but I usually fly out of LGSR at sunset in a GA plane because it looks cool and beautiful!

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